What is Clapham Park? A neighbourhood gathering

WHEN: SATURDAY MAY 4th 2019, 1 to 4:30pm
WHERE: NEW Clapham Park Community Centre, 116 Kings Ave, SW4 8DF
WHO: Everyone is welcome to join!
REGISTER: For reminders, sign up on our Eventbrite page.
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Clapham Park Creative Co-op is hosting a FREE NEIGHBOURHOOD GATHERING of food, art, music and stories exploring the past present and future of our community.

Food • Kids Activities • Arts & Crafts • Art exhibition • Photo Booth • DJ • Live Drumming • Local History • Creative Neighbours

We’ll be holding a photo and art exhibition of all the stories we’ve been collecting and producing together with the community over the past year exploring neighbours, local histories, and the “Tears, Fears and Cheers” around community change. Some of the exhibitions include over 80 People of Clapham Park portraits, My Neighbour’s Keys – an installation about neighbours produced with the Over 50s club and young people, and a Story Map of memories and history.

The event is designed as an interactive and creative space to learn new skills, learn about creative groups in the area, and share in the conversation about community. It is curated and produced by the Clapham Park Creative Co-op together with a group of neighbours that have been participating in our Creative Producer Training workshop.

Some highlights:

— People of Clapham Park Photobooth – come share a story about the area and have your portrait taken by a professional photographer

— Local history display – help us add to the timeline of Clapham Park history

— Learn to do photo embroidery using photographs taken of some of the buildings coming down around the Estate

— Kids area with arts & crafts activities

— Local DJ Gordon Wedderburn will be playing music highlighted by a playlist designed by the Over 50s (and we hope to do some dancing!)

— The event will be opened at 1pm with a public Tai Chi session by local favourite Andy Petchi. And ending at 4:30 with a live drumming session by Kulture Imani Expressions.

— Lots of local creative groups will be sharing info and activities on how to get involved in the area

Everyone is welcome, bring your neighbour!

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