‘Together at Home’ Art Kits: Photo-embroidery

Want to be creative from home? Clapham Park area neighbours can request a free ART KIT with all the supplies you need to be part of our Photo-Embroidery project and contribute to the exhibition in Spring 2021.

CURRENT THEME // Photo-Embroidery

We have been working with residents over the past year embroidering photographs of the buildings in Clapham Park Estate. Photo-embroidery is a simple skill to learn for all ages, and is a beautiful and unique way to commemorate a photograph. Our plan is to have a complete collection of hand-embroidered photographs of all the unique buildings across the Clapham Park estate. We are also collecting facts and anecdotes about each building, and will be exhibiting the collection altogether at an exhibition in Spring 2021.

This photo-embroidery project was developed by photographer Marcia Chandra in collaboration with textile artist Sonia Tuttiet (East London Textile Arts) for the Clapham Park Creative Co-op.

JOIN US ON ZOOM_ Come join the whole Art Kit group online throughout March and work on our projects together. REGISTER HERE

HOW IT WORKS_ Register by clicking the link below and we will socially distance hand deliver an ‘Together at Home’ Art Kit. While all precautions are taken to prepare the package in a Covid-safe way, we suggest you wait 72 hours before opening the kit. You will get enough supplies for as many people in your household that would like to complete an artwork. Once you’re finished, let us know and we’ll come and pick up the ones that are ready for the exhibition (don’t worry, we’ll give you extra supplies so you can make some for yourself). You also have the option to be named as the artist.

REQUEST ONLINE or by phone 07715060091

WHO_ Suitable for all ages (supervision needed with the embroidery needle). For Clapham Park area neighbours only (we can’t walk that far!).

COST_ Free!

HEALTH & SAFETY & COVID_ Note that we will be using sewing needles so care must be taken (but even children can do it with supervision!). All art kits are prepared following careful Covid-secure measures, however, we recommend you wait for 72 hours before opening the kit. Our full guidance on how we are keeping the workshops Covid-secure can be read here.

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