Thérèse came to London to find work

I moved to Clapham Park with friends in 2011. We moved from Ireland in the height of the economic recession when there were few jobs for recent graduates. I got two job offers on the same day in London. The first was to be an assistant window dresser at Fortnum & Mason and the second was to be an assistant manager of local Brixton based Acid Country House band Alabama 3 who wrote The Sopranos theme tune ‘Woke Up This Morning.’ I took the latter and haven’t looked back. Let’s just say I’ve had some good times here with all of the area’s highly unique characters.

– Thérèse Mullan is a Clapham Park resident and joined the Clapham Park Creative Co-op in 2019 as a Creative Producer Fellow

— Photographed by Marcia Chandra at the Clapham Park Creative Co-op Living History Afternoon Tea, Community Resource Centre, April 2019

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