Theresa loves her job working for the community

Clapham Park is my home. It has been a part of my life for 26 years and the life of my family. I am glad to see all the many changes that are happening, like the new buildings. One good thing about the regeneration process is that people have really gotten to know each other because of the consultations and discussions. We are all more connected. I was part of the Tenants & Residents Association for 5 years before and that gave me the opportunity to get involved in community issues, following up on behalf of residents and meeting repairs officers. Now, in my work with Metropolitan, I get to work with the community every day. Even though it’s been taking a long time, people can see that it’s gradually getting better. Something I’ve really liked is being part of the gardening program across the estate. I didn’t like gardening before but now I’m planting flowers on my balcony!

– Theresa Agyeman is the Clapham Park Community Centre Coordinator for Metropolitan Thames Valley.

— Photographed by Marcia Chandra at the Metropolitan Winter Warmer, December 2017.

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