‘The Rebirth’ by Nicola Hamilton

A twin collection of photographs showing the old dilapidated post-war residential buildings juxtaposed against the newly built regentrified and modern designed housing currently occupying the vicinity of Clapham Park. I wanted to convey how the very modern and new replaces the old dated buildings in the same space, noticing the parallels between them.

The area is now a changing, shifting landscape and gives a feeling of wonder anticipating how it will look in say 5 or 10 years’ time when it’s more settled and complete. Through the lens our gaze and interruption really shifts as I hadn’t noticed before the contrast and similarities between some of the new and older buildings. Once I had shot the photos, it became apparent in looking at them from the camera’s perspective. 

This photographic series was produced by Nicola Hamilton, a Clapham Park neighbour, as part of the ‘Photographic Storytelling Workshop’ led by Marcia Chandra (Creative in Residence), Clapham Park Community Resource Centre, April 2019.

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