Thaddeus drove neighbours to the grocery shop

When I worked for Clapham Park Project and drove their van, I used to take the elderly women shopping every Thursday. They used to love it so much. I also used to drive the young boys to the football matches. I distributed information around Clapham Park to residents: changes to meetings, flyers, etc. I served tea and coffee to the Over 50s (until I thought they could do it themselves.) And I was a “Lollipop” at the children’s crossing. I stopped driving in 2015 and I don’t think there’s a minibus anymore. I used to be very busy, I didn’t have enough time for myself then. Now I do have time but also now the legs are very weak.

– Thaddeus lives and used to work in Clapham Park

— Photographed by Marcia Chandra at the Over 50s Lunch, Clapham Park Community Resource Centre, July 2018

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