Postcards Across the River – Clapham Park x East London Textile Arts

As we emerge out of lockdowns, we want to rediscover the joy of making new friends, of sharing our stories, and the power of creative community groups.

SESSIONS: Every Saturday from May through August, 11am to 1pm at the Clapham Park Cube

Clapham Park Creative has partnered with East London Textile Arts in an embroidery project connecting two neighbourhoods in Lambeth and Newham. Led by textile artist Sonia Tuttiett, we’ll be working together over three months to create a series of embroidered ‘postcards’ sharing stories and objects that have meant something to us over the past year. Clapham Park resident and writer Thérése Mullan will be working with everyone to create a collection of stories.

We’ll then be sharing the ‘postcards across the river’ in a series of exchanges between Lambeth and Newham, finishing the collective work together in preparation for an exhibition. We will exchange stories and skills, and hopefully be able to visit each neighbourhood together (fingers crossed!).  Remember… adventures can start anywhere!

We plan to hold an exhibition of the work in both boroughs in Summer 2021.

Who is this for?
This activity is open to all residents and neighbours of the Clapham Park and surrounding area interested in embroidery and textiles. Sonia is an experienced facilitator and teacher, and the group welcomes those who have never lifted a needle to those with more advanced skills. We invite more experienced embroiderers from the neighbourhood to join us and help us develop this into a regular group.

What do you need to participate?
All embroidery materials will be provided for free (unless you prefer to use your own). You just need a willingness to be part of a fun and creative group for 3 months 🙂

How will we meet?
We will be meeting from April through June for two Saturday mornings (11am-1pm) every month. Our first session on April 10th will be on Zoom, and we hope to then be able to host socially-distanced workshops at the Clapham Park Cube (if restrictions allow). We will also be creating a WhatsApp group for people to stay in touch and share tips and ideas in between sessions. If we are able to travel to visit the East London Textile Arts group in Newham at some point, we will take public transit together from Clapham Park.

We especially welcome those that are continuing to self-isolate or do not have access to the Internet or Zoom to get in touch. We have different ways to ensure you get to participate through doorway visits and borrowed tablets.

Read more about the Postcards Across the River project
Read more about the East London Textile Arts

DATES_ April through August 2021, meeting every Saturday, 11am to 1pm at the Clapham Park Cube

REGISTER ONLINE OR by email OR by phone 07715060091

Some pictures from the East London Textile Arts group:

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