Photography Club

Image from the series, ‘The Rebirth’ ©Nicola Hamilton 2019

The photography club is an invitation to come together with neighbours and be creative with whatever camera you have (even phones!). Although we can help each other with technical advice, this is not a photography class; we are a group open to experimenting and sharing ideas, learning to see our surroundings in unique ways and finding ways to tell stories visually. The sessions are facilitated by documentary photographer Marcia Chandra.

This collection of photographic stories was produced by members of the Clapham Park Photography Club. They are observational notes on the Clapham Park built and natural environment. They ask us to look closely at the details as we walk through our neighbourhoods, to see how the subtle repetitions that surround us often offer messages about ‘place’, how it feeds our nostalgia and in-still in us ideas we didn’t know were there.

Contributing photographers are: Chris Harder, Celise da Mata, Nicola Hamilton, Rose Tetteh and Carlotta Tilli.

‘The Rebirth’ by Nicola Hamilton

A set of diptychs showing how the very modern and new replaces the old dated buildings in the same space.

‘Lace Curtains’ by Chris Harder

Wandering through the Estate, I noticed the lace curtains. They reminded me of my grandmother.

‘The Doors of Clapham Park’ by Carlotta Tilli

“Home is where one starts from
and a door is where your home begins.”

‘Dogs of Clapham Park’ by Celise de Mata

Researching dogs with a camera.

‘Home’ by Rose Tetteh

Some of the signs of home on a walk around the neighbourhood.

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