‘Memories of Clapham Park’

Photo of Bowie Close, by Marcia Chandra, 2019.

A poem based on some of the joyful stories residents of Clapham Park have shared on our Story Map. Produced by Stella Barnes, Creative in Residence 2018.

Memories of Clapham Park

I remember fun-days and days of fun, trips for kids and Easter egg hunts,

I remember the excitement of Clapham Park festivals and the summer fair and our very own carnival,

I remember nearly giving birth in the park,

I remember when I first started dating my husband, sitting on the wall on Kings avenue waiting for him,

I remember the lovely little cut through Morton Close with all the blackberry bushes and I remember the spiders lurking in the laurel bushes on Clarence Crescent,

I remember the youthful exuberance of football players showing off their skills on the pitch,

I remember warmth on a cold day, so many lovely, kind, smart people and flats that were full of laughter,

I remember when I was younger in the 80s, hanging out with friends at people’s flats and the canary yellow Ford Capri, with spoilers, furry dice and leopard print seats,

I remember working for many years to improve people’s lives and homes,

I remember the demolition of Muller Road and the rebuilding and moving into a brand new home with space for my family,

I remember learning about bunkers on the estate, learning about driving, learning about communities and learning to do a new job,

I remember there was antisocial behaviour back in the day,  but now… now I’ll be happy to live here for the rest of my life.

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