Lydia helped get a New Deal of Communities grant for Clapham Park

In 1999, there was an opportunity for one community to be selected in Lambeth to receive an award to regenerate their community. So six of us residents got together and made a compelling case about how abandoned this area was. In 2001, we were awarded a £56 million New Deal for Communities grant to regenerate Clapham Park, one of the largest regeneration amounts given by the central government. There is a photo of all of us holding up a huge cheque somewhere! I was elected as a local councillor in 2002, I chaired the Health Theme Group for 4 years, I used to run the Food Bank and I’m also on the board of the Clapham Park Committee. I’ve never been paid for all the community work I’ve done, but I love it and I do it because I want to make a difference.

— Lydia Serwaa has been a resident of Clapham Park for over 24 years

— Photographed by Marcia Chandra at International Women’s Day hosted by New Vision 4 Women, Clapham Park Community Resource Centre , March 2018

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