‘Lace Curtains’ by Chris Harder

When we were given our first assignment as part of the photographic storytelling project I noticed the windows on the Estate and in particular the lace curtains. I had the exact same windows on my Estate years ago and the curtains evoked a sense of nostalgia in me. I guess they must have reminded me of my grandmother.

Curtains let in the light yet they shield you from the outside. My dad likes to adjust the curtains so he can take a peek outside. My mum arranges them so that the folds fall neatly and evenly.

The concept of “home” is riddled with past memories.  I like to look at windows especially when they are lit from the inside. I imagine a cosy home and a harmonious family living inside.

This photographic series was produced by Chris Harder as part of the ‘Photographic Storytelling Workshop’ led by Marcia Chandra (Creative in Residence), Clapham Park Community Resource Centre, April 2019.

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