Joyce has lived all over the estate

I’ve been all over Clapham Park these 40 years. I used to live in Freeman House—when it was still Lambeth owned—until 2007 when my husband was sick so we moved to a ground floor flat in Perry House. He’s passed away now. Around 2007 there was a refurbishment in Perry House so we moved to another house for 6 months then back to Perry House. Now I’m in a new house in New Park Road. This is my favourite one because it’s a ground floor and there’s a garden. Well, they cemented over the garden but I like it because my grandchildren can play there when they come to see me.

– Joyce has lived in Clapham Park over 40 years and is a member of the Over 50s Club

— Photographed by Marcia Chandra at the Over 50s Lunch at Clapham Park Community Resource Centre, July 2018

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