‘Home’ by Rose Tetteh

I was moved from Clapham Park to Tulse Hill (to a smaller place) because of the regeneration. I still attend all the events at Clapham Park. All of my friends are still here and my kids still go to school here… I’m very connected with my old neighbours at Clapham Park. We used to sit outside on the terrace together and share stories. We still talk on the phone even now. And even though I’ve moved, I still travel back and forth every day. 

These pictures are small signs of home. She is my baby daughter when we celebrated her second birthday last year August at my old place. Her nursery. My local shops for necessities. Watching my children building their first bike, it was a great joy I will never forget.

No matter how the buildings sometimes look, Clapham Park is the safest place to live with friendship. Unless you live there you can’t know.

This photographic series was produced by Rose Tetteh, who was a resident of Clapham Park until the end of 2018, as part of the ‘Photographic Storytelling Workshop’ led by Marcia Chandra (Creative in Residence), April 2019.

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