Grace used to cook for the Over 50s Luncheons

I remember the first Over 50s Luncheon at Langholm Close, can’t remember when but sometime ago. Candice was there I think, also Charles one of the community workers. And Ken, who died now but he was very active. We got together to bring the community together. We did it monthly for a long time. It was always a busy day, shopping, cooking, serving up food, tidying up. Sometimes we would cook some of it at Ken’s house. We had a grant from some charity, a £10,000 grant so we bought a cooker and a dishwasher. Then we moved to Holman House, but that’s been knocked down now. Today was my first luncheon in a long time but I had some free moments so I thought I should go have a Xmas lunch for a change. [Her friend pipes in at that moment, “Grace used to be the best dancer at the tea dances!”] Yeah, haha! We even had a bellydancing group back then!

– Grace is a long-term Clapham Park resident

— Photographed Marcia Chandra at the Over 50s Xmas Lunch at Clapham Park Community Resource Centre, December 2018

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