Get to know the people and groups that have helped shape the project.

Counterpoints Arts Team

Creatives in Residence

Key partners and Collaborators

Marcia Chandra, Lead Artist/Producer
Justin O’Shaughnessy, Producer
Abigail Holsborough, Producing Assistant
Áine O’Brien, Learning Labs
Chrissie Tiller, Evaluation
Justin O’Shaughnessy, 2019
Marcia Chandra, 2018/2019
Stella Barnes, 2018
Clapham Park Over 50s Club
Clapham Park Project
Langholm Close Residence
Metropolitan Thames Valley
New Vision 4 Women

Associate Producer Neighbours

Associate Creatives

Samantha Clarke (Creative Producer Fellow ’19)
Tony Dabor
Abigail Holsborough
Thérèse Mullan (Creative Producer Fellow ’19)
Carlotta Tilli
Sonia Tuttiett, East London Textile Arts
Gordon Wedderburn, GW Jazz
Kulture Imani Expressions drumming
Matt Olczak design