Clapham Park Creative Co-op is a collaborative storytelling project exploring the past, present and future of the Clapham Park Estate and neighbourhood, in the South London borough of Lambeth. Artists and residents work together to tell the story of the neighbourhood in creative ways—including art, photography and film, oral history and performance.

The Clapham Park Estate is undergoing one of the largest estate regenerations in London. It is a story of a community coming together in 1999 to propose and successfully be awarded a £56 million New Deal for Communities grant, kickstarting what has become a long-term regeneration project due for completion within the decade.

Clapham Park Creative Co-op aims to create a permanent creative archive weaving stories of regeneration and change—experienced first-hand by residents, families, community groups, businesses and local stakeholders living and working across Clapham Park. At its heart, this is a community research project shaped by participatory and creative methods including as many voices as possible.

The project is led by Counterpoints Arts, a leading national organisation in the field of arts, migration and cultural change, and modelled after its Everyday on Canalside project in Hoxton, East London. The Co-op began in April 2018 with funding from Metropolitan Housing Trust (now Metropolitan Thames Valley).